Unfortunate Timing

by Faultered Step

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Recorded at Numbatty Studios
Mixed and mastered by Nathan Elliott
Produced by Nathan Elliott and Faultered Step
Front and back album art designed by Calley Jastrow

All music written by Alex, Zack, and Marcus
All lyrics written by Zack, Alex and Sean


released December 31, 2015

Faultered Step is:
Sean Ball - Vocals
Zack Allen - Guitars, Vocals
Alex Vuich - Bass, Vocals
Marcus James - Drums

*Additional Lead Guitars - Chris Milbourne



all rights reserved


Faultered Step Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

Four guys who like all types of music from electronic to extreme metal and grunge to hip hop and of course traditional rock and metal.

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Track Name: Party Song
objects in motion
will stay in motion
give me another notion
to continue distortion
think you're bad and free
think you're just like me
you started the party
and you can never leave

wasted, wasted
I'm gone

get on with the action
stay in motion
feed your addiction
endless consumption
you know what you need
have a drink with me
cause you gotta see
you will never leave
Track Name: Freedom is Lost
the world needs another war
I guess we can give em more
we'll fight by day and make 'em bleed
a reign in blood is what I need

the war is now a front
now you know the cost
never change what we thought
cause freedom is lost

progress takes a fucking lifetime
no one has their own thoughts
to stand their ground
because freedom is lost
voting to give away a birthright
dying just to think straight
and stand your ground
because freedom is lost

never had a clean thought
never what i talk about
always on the inside
waiting til I die

the war is now a front
now you know the cost
never change what we thought
cause freedom is lost
Track Name: Bongo
you don't care to hear me say
hurt me all you want I'm here to stay
your dark blue eyes pull me in
sweet misleading angel grin
digging deeper to my core
break me down a little more

You don't care 'bout how I feel
Even though I was always there for you

what makes me think its over?
you've always said that I was a bore
I guess you approve
what's left to lose?
I said that before , now I know
nothing is worth the price of this show
one night only
you'll be the death of me

dry your eyes I will ignore
sick and tired of carrying your throne
my back is sore
but you still want more
taste the vengeance from my lips
you're undeserving of my embrace
god knows this won't happen again

She screams loud and it makes me feel low
She has all the strength to make it so
Track Name: "It's Called Internal Bleeding Fucker, and Then You Die"
Take your lies
Bury them in my chest
I'm just the monster
That you detest
I'm burned and disgraced
By the poison I taste
And hell will riot
When all is quiet

oh my god
there's nothing left

Clenching the trigger
My finger holds the power
I'm dripping in old sweat
This is a choice I won't regret
You make this easy
Take this away from me
I've suffered enough
Hell couldn't be this rough

Take you lies
Bury them in my chest
I'm just the monster
That you detest
Clenching the trigger
My finger holds the power
I'm dripping in cold sweat
This is a choice I won't regret
Track Name: It Will Be Loud
plant us a bomb
watch it explode
and dim the lights

a thousand miles down
you'll hear our sound
so just stay for a bit

we are rocking
your ears are bleeding
to our thrashing
and everybody's headbanging
everybody's headbanging

we're gonna rock this town
bringing it down
we'll make sure
it'll be loud
When we break this town
take the crown
start a riot
and make it loud

watch us brain dead
ate what we fed
can't complain

your ears are ringing
our sound is lingering
bringing out the devil in you

we are rocking
ears are bleeding
to our thrashing
Track Name: In a Storm
the gray sky
seem to never fade off
into the light
that won't ever shine.
on a rainy day
you skin seems ever so soft
to the touch i can see again
in time

we'll stand out in the rain
wash away each others pain
it will never be the same
even in this storm I'll remain
I will

the rain and wind
blurs my sight of all but
you will keep
my soul warm.
the bright sun
spotlights our happiness
but in the rain can see the truth
in a storm...

with this
girl holding me tight
telling me its alright
we'll grow out of this together
it will all get better
Track Name: Reflections
here we
go again
feels like
it won't end
cold sweat
down on the floor
blame myself

I am not
how I appear
leave my side
I disappear

I just wish I could shatter it all
I just wish I could break my fall

mirror mirror on my mind
please help shed a light
mirror mirror on rewind
help me to make things right

how much
more of this
can I take
I'm sick of it
mirror speaks
it doesn't know
what to think
of what it shows

I wish you well
I wish you'd known
its too late
leave me alone

in the mirror i see my reflection
staring back at me
still broken
aged by deceit and daily illusion
is there no way out of confusion
is there no way to return
to who I once was
am I forever to be what I've become
to be what I've become

shatter it all
break my fall
I just wish I could shatter it all

help me
Track Name: Survive
they're taking over now
jumping at all that
moves in closer now
you don't know what we'll do now

you don't know

you hate that I
found a way
to escape your grip!

does it piss you off
that we can do
whatever we want
to survive?
does it piss you off
that we can do
whatever it takes
to stay alive?

they trying to attack us now
think we're defenseless
just acting on instinct
but you don't know what I think