New Beginning Again

by Faultered Step

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The first batch of songs produced to reintroduce the band's new lineup and new sound. We hope you all enjoy it.


released April 1, 2017

Garrett - drums, backing vocals
Alex - bass, vocals
Zack - guitars, vocals

Music by Faultered Step
Lyrics by Zack Allen and Alex Vuich
Recorded at Reotown Recording Studio, Lansing, MI
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Roedel
Produced by Jason Roedel and Faultered Step
Album Art by Peter M. Vuich
Art Design by Zack Allen and Alex Vuich



all rights reserved


Faultered Step Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

Four guys who like all types of music from electronic to extreme metal and grunge to hip hop and of course traditional rock and metal.

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Track Name: This is Me
You got your life so easy of course
Sitting up on the highest horse
Not a clue what you see below
Fuck it all gotta give them a show

Drunk on your own empire (wasted again)
Death star to light up the fire (your in your own way)

I don't need your sympathy
God forbid you look down on me

This is me
I'm trying to be all I can be
Don't waste your time feeling sorry for me
This is me

Such a fool you got no time
on a sinking ship, ready to die
Fading away, do you blame yourself?
Serves you right.

Don't look down on me now
I'm doing just fine (somehow)
Never needed a handout from you
(Don't expect me to beg)

This is me
I'm trying to be all I can be
Don't waste your time feeling sorry for me
I don't need your sympathy
Track Name: All Gone
It's all gone
Up in flames
Resolve is done
Got what we gave
Fire will
Claim what remains
And I will
Die in the haze

It's all falling down
The castle my crown
My world is ruin
My life is decay
It's all coming down
The wall I made
Keeps me safe
Like a rat in a cage

I set up
The people to fail
I knew the
Skies would hail
I'm not the
Perfect saint
So you know
I lied by the way
Track Name: Nightfall
Won't go, calm in the night.
I need, to stay and fight.
Hold me, I'm scared to fly.
I don't feel alive!

What were, your names again
Move now, at least pretend
Get off, I'm fine I swear
Why'd you say goodbye?

Not again, pissed on high
No control, not in this mind.
Let go, I know it’s time.
I'll see you on the other side!

What was I thinking?
I need to be moving.
These idle hands have laid me down
Let me be useful.
There's something to do
I swore it by you
I made a vow to be there for you
What else can I do?
What else can I do
To take care of you
What else can I do
To take care of you

Restrained, I got to know
Will I, make it out alive?
Got kids, and lovely wife
Have you seen them?

Where is, my nurse today?
Need pills, to stay awake.
No I, need to sleep.
Why'd you start to cry?

Wishful, for better days.
Struggle, to motivate.
Gentle, into the night,
I'll see you on the other side!

You won't
Take me!
You can't

Make me
Cross the

I won’t
Fade out

You won't
take me!
You can't!

Take me!
Take me!